Effective Ways to Put Your Best Face Forward

Skin care treatments and products in Lafayette, LA

As age, weather and toxins take their toll, you may find it increasingly difficult to achieve and sustain smooth, vibrant skin. Skin Smart of Lafayette, Louisiana is dedicated to bringing out the natural beauty in your skin through a clinical approach to skin care.

Skin Smart features over three decades of experience working with local plastic surgeons and 20 years of experience in medical esthetics. Such practice enables our skin care facility in Lafayette, LA, to present clients with practical, effective skin care solutions that fit their particular skin types and conditions. Schedule your initial consultation with a clinical skin care professional in Lafayette, LA, today to learn more about how you can put your best face forward.

Enjoy non-invasive skin rejuvenation and care treatments

Chemical peels and microcurrent turbolift in Lafayette, LA

At Skin Smart, we believe that treating the cause of skin impurities, instead of injecting toxins to hide them, are the most effective measures for achieving instant skin care results. Call today to book your appointment with a professional skin care provider in Lafayette, LA, to learn more about our non-invasive, spa-like treatments including:

  • PCA skin superficial peels - removes dull surface skin and impurities and boosts skin cell rejuvenation to reveal a more vibrant appearance, smoother skin surface and consistent skin tone.
  • Microcurrent turbolift - tightens the skin and creates a more youthful, healthy appearance without the risks associated with toxins and invasive treatments.
  • LED rejuvenation - activates skin cell receptors through safe exposure to non-UV light, encouraging the production of collagen which effectively treats wrinkles, sagging skin and other impurities.

There are many effective, non-invasive treatments available at Skin Smart. Schedule your appointment today to learn about the treatments that will give you the results you desire.

Maintain healthy skin in between appointments

Skin care products in Lafayette, LA

We know that weekly visits to a skin care provider isn't practical, so we offer a full line of skin care products to help you keep your skin smooth and vibrant between visits to Skin Smart. Speak with our professional esthetician about the dermatologist-approved PCA products that are right for you and your skin. Schedule your appointment today to learn how you can achieve amazing skin care results in the convenience of your home with skin care products from Skin Smart.